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SIM:Crewman Veralise Jessop: The Home Stretch

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''The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238708.13. ''
'''((Hell, aka [[USS Independence-A|USS ''Independence''-A]], Deck 5))'''
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Crewman [[Jessop, Veralise|Veralise Jessop]] was having an interesting day so far to say the least. As she and Shan were the only non-injured members of the traveling party, the two each helped support another more seriously injured person. For Shan, that was Isidha, and for her, it was the exhausted looking Doctor [[Zhou, Tenzin|Zhou]]. As she kept her arm around him to keep the man moving along the corridor, the only sounds that filled the space were the distant sounds of weapons fire and explosions and the ever present straining of bulkheads. Jessop decided to interrupt the ship's constant conversation with itself.::
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Veralise chuckled a bit, taking the comment as a joke, and the doctor didn't seem to mind as his mind wandered off to other places. He was an odd fellow, she thought. She hadn't been formally introduced to him before he arrived on board, but from what she could tell, he seemed to have a strange mix of traits from various other medical officers she had known over the past ten years of her service. There was the confidence and no-nonsense attitude to problems typical of a seasoned veteran. Yet she hadn't forgotten how he seemed to notice her dismay at his skepticism of her original pitch to try this jog to the theater. Perhaps he hadn't become completely jaded like so many others before him? Or perhaps she wasn't giving enough credit to the complexity of people, as complex as the Trill spot patterns on the doctor himself.::
'''((a few minutes later))'''
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Another few meters and yet another groan of the bulkheads. The sound reminded Veralise of the rusty fences on her uncle's farm she would visit as a child.::
'''Jessop:''' oO Hey, Dad. It's me... Oo
'''''====PNPC Crewman Veralise Jessop'''''<br>====
'''USS ''Independence''-A'''
as SIMmed by
'''''====Ensign Tenzin Zhou'''''<br>====
'''Medical Officer'''<br>
'''USS ''Independence''-A'''
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