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SIM:Crewman Veralise Jessop: The Home Stretch

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'''Zhou:''' I think my wife would unfortunately have to concur if she were here.
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Veralise chuckled a bit, taking the comment as a joke, and the doctor didn't seem to mind as his mind wandered off to other places. He was an odd fellow, she thought. She hadn't been formally introduced to him before he arrived on board, but from what she could tell, he seemed to have a strange mix of traits from various other medical officers she had known over the past ten years of her service. There was the confidence and no-nonsense attitude to problems typical of a seasoned veteran. Yet she hadn't forgotten how he seemed to notice her dismay at his skepticism of her original pitch to try this jog to the theatretheater. Perhaps he hadn't become completely jaded like so many others before him? Or perhaps she wasn't giving enough credit to the complexity of people, as complex as the Trill spot patterns on the doctor himself.::
((a few minutes later))
'''Anderson:''' RESPONSE
'''Zhou:''' ::gives a nod in acknowledgement acknowledgment to Jessop:: Don't worry, crewman. I'll make sure you get a note in the record for your original thinking. I shudder to think what would have happened if we tried to continue to decks 6 and 7 from where we were earlier.
'''CPO:''' ::under his breath:: If this was an [[Ashanti Class|''Ashanti''-class]] we wouldn't be having this problem.
'''Anderson:''' RESPONSE
'''Zhou:''' That sounds good. Lead the way, and have the others go afterwards afterward first. I'll make sure everyone joins you on the other side safely.
'''Anderson:''' RESPONSE

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