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SIM:Crewman Veralise Jessop: The Home Stretch

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''The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238708.13. ''
((Hell, aka [[USS Independence-A|USS ''Independence''-A]], Deck 5))
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Crewman [[Jessop, Veralise|Veralise Jessop]] was having an interesting day so far to say the least. As she and Shan were the only non-injured members of the traveling party, the two each helped support another more seriously injured person. For Shan, that was Isidha, and for her, it was the exhausted looking Doctor [[Zhou, Tenzin|Zhou]]. As she kept her arm around him to keep the man moving along the corridor, the only sounds that filled the space were the distant sounds of weapons fire and explosions and the ever present straining of bulkheads. Jessop decided to interrupt the ship's constant conversation with itself.::
'''Zhou:''' ::gives a nod in acknowledgement to Jessop:: Don't worry, crewman. I'll make sure you get a note in the record for your original thinking. I shudder to think what would have happened if we tried to continue to decks 6 and 7 from where we were earlier.
'''CPO:''' ::under his breath:: If this was an [[AshantiClass|''Ashanti''-class ]] we wouldn't be having this problem.
'''Anderson:''' What? What are you talking about?
'''CPO:''' Just saying. The ''Ashanti''-class didn't have all these wasted corridors. The forward saucer was attached to an Engineering section. Wouldn't have these corridors to cause problems. Now there was a well designed ship. Had teeth too.
'''Anderson:''' Look just stay focused ok ? :: Turning to the group.:: Sorry about that. What can I say …Combat Engineers. We should be through to Medical in a few moments Doctor.

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