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SIM:Crewman Veralise Jessop: The Home Stretch

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'''''Background:''' You probably already know the ending if you're reading this SIM on the 118Wiki, but I hope you can imagine the original effect it had on my fellow SIMmers. I actually had planned to write this from [[Zhou, Tenzin|Tenzin Zhou]]'s perspective as usual. The plot in-progress was that Zhou and his group were trying to get from deck 5 to sickbay on deck 7, turbolift access having been cutoff due to battle damage. In a previous SIM, I had a simple NPC medic, Jessop, suggest a plan to go through the ship's two-deck theater and was planning for her to meet her fate there. However, a string of PNPC SIMs by other members of the ''Independence''-A crew were posted shortly before I had planned to write this version of the SIM.'' ''One such post introduced a "forcefield tunnel" that an engineer had deployed to create a path to sickbay. This stemmed from confusion regarding on which deck Zhou and the others were. Rather than nullify my original plan, the PNPC SIM actually opened a new, more dramatic possibility for the final moments of my planned SIM. I was also inspired by the other PNPCs my shipmates had created and decided to write this SIM's story as my first PNPC SIM because it gave a wonderful new perspective on both the events happening onboard the ship as well as on my main PC, Zhou. Furthermore, I was able to end the SIM in a much more satisfying conclusion rather than just a typical reaction from Zhou. Thus, my first PNPC SIM was quite rewarding to write, and I hope you enjoy it as much as my fellow shipmates did.''----- ''The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238708.13. ''
((Hell, aka USS Independence-A, Deck 5))

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