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SIM:Crewman Veralise Jessop: The Home Stretch

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<nowiki>::</nowiki>The doctor than returned a smile to Veralise, the first time in fact that she had seen him smile during the entire episode through the corridors. His smile abruptly ceased, though, as the straining of the bulkheads finally gave way to an ear-piercing screech, as if the ship were letting out a primal scream. In the distance, the unmistakable sounds of explosions and decompressions could be heard. Zhou and Veralise both knew what was happening, but didn't say another word. The act of cutting through the remaining intact bulkheads to get to sickbay finally had placed too much stress on the ship's structural integrity. If the doorway to the theater remained open, the previous members of the party, as well as perhaps anyone else down on deck 7 would soon be pulled out into space. The integrity of the forcefield had to be maintained.
Quickly, Veralise forcefully shoved the doctor into the forcefield tunnel to prevent him from even starting a protest. She then grabbed onto the magnetic door clamps the engineer had been using to pry open the doors and brought the two halves back together in under a second, which was all the time she knew she had. As the small gap between the doors disappeared, Veralise and Zhou, still falling backwards from the shove, shared a final look. The moment was so brief that she didn't even see his whole face, just his eyes. After the doors closed, Veralise tried to drain out the sound of the cascading decompression approaching her and closed her eyes. She thought about her childhood home and saw herself walking up to the door. The air around her disappeared as if the universe were taking its final gasp, and she saw herself knocking on the door.::
'''Jessop:''' oO Hey, Dad. It's me... Oo
'''USS ''Independence''-A'''
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