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Eric Lundrigan

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* '''Ambitions and Goals''': Is career-oriented, with a goal to command his own ship within Starfleet
* '''Temperment''': Friendly and engaging, though prone to periods of morose introspection and self-deprecating tendencies
** '''Mother''': Bethany Jane Lundrigan
* '''Siblings''': James Peter Lundrigan
==Personal History==
# '''237905.12''': Ended assignment on Federation Freighter Quasar
# '''237907.28''': Entered Starfleet Academy at San Fransisco, Earth
==Professional History==
# '''238703.31''': Suffered hallucinogenic symptoms and loss of mental control on duty while under the influence of malevolent ethereal beings
# '''238706.14''': Had a ruinous argument with his older sibling, James Lundrigan

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