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Music & Other Passtimes
=====Music & Other Passtimes=====
[[Image:Aeroshuttle_three-quarter_view.jpg|thumb|Zuriba's Piloting Skilss]]
Zuriba is a trumpet player and he can often be heard playing "Bolian Blues" from within his quarters.
He also enjoys cooking, especially traditional Bolian recipes although because a traditional feature of Bolian cuisine is the use of meat that has been allowed to partially decay, Zuriba's crewmates rarely accept a dinner invite. Contrary to popular belief, the meat is always cooked. Seafood, both raw and prepared, comprises a significant majority of the average Bolian's diet, and on his own world it is said a Bolian can determine the type of fish and location of origin from taste alone. Zuriba's speciality dish is the cooking of an iridescent mussel-like shellfish is a particular delicacy, called a name that translates into Federation Standard as 'shimmershells'
Zuriba also excelled as a pilot at the Academy and eventually became a central member of the renowned Nova Squadron flight team before going on to serve as a helmsman in Starfleet. Known as being Zuriba also loves reading Federation literature from around the galaxy and has quite a bit range of old books from lots of different cultures. He tried to bring a party animalbook back from each new planet he visits. This is, Zuriba's quarters ultimately, connected to his long standing interest in other species as he loves to find out as much as he can about other cultures and try out their practices (whether at the Academy or on Starship assignmentsee sports above) often end up being party central where many can be found socialising and having a good time.

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