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Nemitor Atimen

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'''Nemitor Atimen''' is currently the Chief Engineering Officer of Security aboard [[USS Tiger]].
* '''Place of Birth''': North America, Earth
* '''Gender''': Male
* '''Telepathic Status''': -1 (mostly telepathically unreadable, empath readable)
==Personal History==
Born in 2355 on Earth, Nemitor Joshua Atimen had a rich childhood. Known as ‘Josh’ for the first part of his life, he grew up on Earthsurrounded by technology. His father, Samuel Atimen, to owned and operated a family small engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacture of engineers going back generationsvarious parts for Federation ships and fighters. After barely being granted admission to Starfleet AcademyWhile other children played Parrises Squares, he had a falling out young Nemitor spent his time looking over the shoulders of engineers and fooling with his father who preferred him to go to prototypes. From the day he first accidentally launched a civilian engineering institutethruster through the roof, he was hooked.
Atimen graduated Soon enough the time came for him to consider his life and future career. Already knowing what field he wanted to work in , he applied to Starfleet Academy, hoping to get to work on the top fourth of his classships whose blueprints he often got to glance over. His father, however, was not pleased and would be assigned hoped to have his son attend a vessel right out of the Academycivilian institute. However After hearing that Nemitor had accepted his engineering talents quickly drew admittance to the attention of various businesses and government organizations alike and before long Atimen had a wide variety of patentsAcademy, earning him there was a substantial amount of moneyfalling out between father and son. Samuel Atimen gained many friends at the Academywas furious with his son’s decision, which include some currently in industry, Starfleetand severed communication. Although Nemitor still talks with his mother, his brother Steven sides with their father. What started out as a small argument grew and grew and divided the Klingon Empirefamily.
He was assigned to the USS Kodiak-B under Atimen worked hard at the command of Admiral HollisAcademy, where he officially began his career majoring in Engineering with a minor in StarfleetSecurity. Atimen was quickly promoted to Acting Chief EngineerHis education wasn’t all studying, then full Chief Engineerand he gained many friends, then Lieutenant Junior Grademost of which he still maintains contact with. After the decommissining of the KodiakOnce he passed eighteen, Atimen was transferred began to receive cash from the Triumphant, after which various patents he was promoted applied for before his acceptance to Lieutenant, then the position of Second OfficerAcademy. Shortly afterward he was transferred To this day, his portfolio continues to Security for a brief stint before the decommissioning of the USS Triumphant grow and his transfer to the USS Independencebring in supplemental income.
While Shortly before graduating he was visited by Starfleet Intelligence, who thought he could be an asset. He declined an invitation to join their ranks, tempted more by working in the outskirts of the Ithassa sector as an engineer.As such, he was sent out to the USS Kodiak under Admiral Hollis. This would be his first step into the Ithassa sector which would become Atimen’s home for nearly a decade. Atimen served longest on the USS Triumphant , moving up to the rank of Second Officer. However, all good things must come to an end, and when the Triumphant was decommissioned he was transferred to the USS Independence, Atimen began to run his stores of money dry. Shortly after he had begun at settling into the Independence he much larger vessel, Atimen was ordered transferred once more, however this time to Federation ResearchUtopia Planitia Shipyards, where he worked at the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards was to oversee an engineering division operating on a new class of starship. Three A few months in he was granted an extended requested a leave of absence, which he used further work on his technology as well as meet up with old friends resulted in him going around various engineering companies and potential buyers in businesstaking some much needed time offIn late 2385 Atimen requested to return After three months he returned to Starfleet, claiming that although where he enjoyed the freedom accompanied with the private sector, he had grown bored. He was then once again assigned to Ithassa, this time to the USS Tiger as an . While on the Tiger he bounced around from Engineering Officer, and was demoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. He was shortly returned to full Lieutenant Security and Chief of Security, as well as Chief Tactical Officer. Months later, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, back before the Tiger and all her staff were transferred to Engineering Starbase 118, where he is serves today.
==Professional History==
* '''Current Rank''': LieutenantCommander* '''Current Assignment''': USS TigerStarbase 118 Ops* '''Duty Post''': Chief of Security/Chief Tactical Officer
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# '''238601.06''': Promoted to Lieutenant.
# '''238608.22''': Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineering Officer
# '''238612.14''': Transferred to Starbase 118 Operations, and Chief of Security
===Telepathic Status===
In 2084, Atimen fell into a coma, during which his mind 'flayedsplit', forming two distinct conciousnesses. These two; one One of these was the original, one the other his unconscious. As his mind healed, it re-solidified back into its original form, albeit with a different structure. Although there were no major changes, an unexpected side-effect was that Atimen was no longer readable to Telepaths and Empaths. To them, his mind was 'static'.
As time passed, By 2387 he became has returned to being fully readable to Empaths once again, and mostly readable to Telepaths are beginning to be able to pick up fragments.
===Important People===

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