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[[Image:Intrepid template 2.JPG|175px]]
*'''Personnel Files'''
* [[USS Eagle Current Crew Roster|Crew Roster]]
** [[USS Eagle Master Crew List|Master Crew List]]
** [[Eagle Awards|Awards and Decorations]]
* [[Intrepid Class | The Intrepid Class]]
* [[USS Eagle Ship Specifications|Ship Specification]]
** [[USS Eagle Deck Listings|Deck Listing]]
** [[Craft assigned to USS Eagle|Assigned Craft]]* [[Trinity Sector|The Trinity Sector]]** [[Previous ships called Eagle:Category:Star Charts maps|Star Charts]]
* [[Eagle Mission Archive|Mission Archive]]
** [[Eagle Shore Leave Archive|Shore Leave Archive]]
----* [[:Category:Star Charts mapsPrevious ships called Eagle|Star Charts mapsPrevious Vessels Named Eagle]]** [[Trinity Sector]]----
* [ Eagle Forums]

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