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Miko Txiv

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'''Miko Txiv''' is a self-described "software consultant", who is involved in various shadowy business deals. Three years ago, she was caught hacking into a Federation database and attempting to stealing classified technological blueprints. Her [[Ferengi]] lawyer pleaded temporary insanity, but was a bit ''too'' successful in his efforts. Miko was committed to the Altha-Than Closed Treatment Institute on [[Betazed]], where she met [[Ethelwin, Tildaen|Tildaen Ethelwin]]. The couple got married shortly after their release.
Miko owns the private [[ma:Ferengi shuttle|Ferengi shuttle]] '''Oo-mox''', a one-cabin ship that is capable of warp five. Already of a non-Federation, non-standard design, it's computer systems have been heavily modified by her owner.

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