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Tildaen Ethelwin

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Hobbies and Pastimes: MA links to Tennis and Orbital Skydiving :>
====Hobbies and Pastimes====
* '''[[ma:Tennis |Tennis]] ''': Tildaen regularly plays tennis on the Holodeck, as part of his exercise routine. He is always looking for a sparring partner. The Betazoid also tends to enjoy other group sports and games.
* '''Going out ''': Tildaen likes to visit dance clubs, bars and other social occasions. Whether he goes out to dance, get drunk, or flirt depends on his mood. Partying all night has been a means of escape for him during times of great stress.
* '''[[ma:Orbital skydiving|Orbital skydiving]]''': Having been part of an orbital skydiving team at Starfleet Academy, Tildaen still occasionally jumps on the holodeck. 
====Likes and Dislikes====

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