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Nemitor Atimen

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'''Nemitor Atimen''' is currently the Chief of Security and Chief Tactical Engineering Officer aboard [[USS Tiger]].
* '''Place of Birth''': North America, Earth
* '''Gender''': Male
* '''Telepathic Status''': -1 (mostly telepathically unreadable, empath readable)
While on the Triumphant and the Independence, Atimen began to run his stores of money dry. Shortly after he had begun at the Independence he was ordered to Federation Research, where he worked at the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards on a new class of starship. Three months in he was granted an extended leave of absence, which he used further work on his technology as well as meet up with old friends and potential buyers in business.
In late 2385 Atimen requested to return to Starfleet, claiming that although he enjoyed the freedom accompanied with the private sector, he had grown bored. He was then assigned to the USS Tiger as an Engineering Officer, and was demoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. He has since been transferred out of Engineering, was shortly returned to full Lieutenant and is currently both Chief of Security and , as well as Chief Tactical Officer aboard the Tiger. Months later, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and transferred to Engineering where he is today.
# '''238301.11''': Promoted to Acting Chief Engineering Officer
# '''238303.05''': Assigned to USS Triumphant
# '''238303.12''': Promoted to Chief Engineering Officer & and Lieutenant Junior Grade
# '''238401.04''': Promoted to Lieutenant.
# '''238401.04''': Awarded the "TOSMA I" & and "Data Artistic" Awards
# '''238405.17''': Promoted to Second Officer
# '''238407.06''': Assigned to Chief of Security
# '''238512.20''': Promoted to Chief of Security and Chief Tactical Officer
# '''238601.06''': Promoted to Lieutenant.
# '''238608.22''': Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineering Officer
In 2084, Atimen fell into a coma, during which his mind 'flayed', forming two distinct conciousnesses. These two; one the original, one his unconscious. As his mind healed, it re-solidified back into its original form, albeit with a different structure. Although there were no major changes, an unexpected side-effect was that Atimen was no longer readable to Telepaths and Empaths. To them, his mind was 'static'.
As time passed, he became fully readable to Empaths once again, and Telepaths are beginning to be able to pick up fragments.
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