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Brel, Auna

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Within several years of becoming joined, Auna underwent a career change. Leaving Trill, she found success as a Federation ambassadorial aide and subsequently as a mediator in territorial disputes.
Auna died of heart failure in 2380 at the age of 72. She was succeeded as a host by [[Tobias Brel]], Counselor aboard the [[USS Tiger]].
===Influence on Tobias Brel===
Of all of the Brel symbiont's previous hosts, [[Brel, Tobias |Tobias]] has had the greatest difficulty integrating Auna's personality and memories into his own identity.
Having been easygoing before the joining, Tobias developed a tendency to be overly harsh on himself after making mistakes and errors of judgment. He attributes this and a general lessening of his self-esteem to Auna's influence.

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