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Prex, Corbin

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'''Corbin Prex''', a Trill diplomat, is the father of [[Brel, Tobias|Tobias Brel]] of the [[USS Tiger]]. He is recognized as having been the first Federation Ambassador to ever be posted to a Gamma Quadrant world.
*'''Spouse:''' [[Prex, Esme|Esme Prex]]
*'''Children:''' [[Brel, Tobias|Tobias Brel]], [[Prex, Darin|Darin Prex]]
==Professional History==
''History begins from the point at which Tobias Brel is born''
# '''235802.10''': Corbin Prex resumes his ambassadorial duties and accepts a posting to Deneb IV.
# '''236009.05''': Corbin Prex is reassigned to Denobula Triaxa.
# '''236209.05''': Corbin Prex accepts a new assignment on Mazar.
# '''236705.11''': Corbin Prex is offered a position as a roaming ambassador, traveling aboard starships wherever he is needed.
# '''237005.03''': Following first contact being made with the Wadi, Corbin Prex is sent to their homeworld as the Federation's ambassador. He makes history as the first Federation ambassador to be assigned to a Gamma Quadrant world.
# '''237101.19''': Corbin, having been persuaded by Esme that the Wadi are negative influences on their children, requests that another ambassador be assigned to the Wadi and agrees to once again become a roaming ambassador.
# '''237311.27''': Corbin Prex is assigned to Romulus early on in the Dominion Wars.
# '''237804.10''': Corbin Prex returns to Trill on sabbatical. Whilst there he pens a number of articles on conducting diplomatic relations.
# '''238009.04''': Corbin Prex is made ambassador to Iyar.
# '''238208.10''': Corbin, as the nearest Federation ambassador, is dispatched to sort out a territorial dispute between the Plangril and the Shangra on Awed III that threatens to escalate into war.
# '''238209.02''': Corbin is able to find a resolution to the territorial dispute that, whilst making no one happy, causes the escalation of tensions to cease. He suggests to the Ambassadorial Corps that he be reassigned there for six months to oversee the implementation of the terms of the treaty.
# '''238303.18''': Corbin is recalled from Awed III at the end of the six month period and begins working as a guest lecturer, rotating between several universities.
==Relationship with Tobias==

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