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Hathaway, Noah

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Hathaway is a human male, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is of average height and weight for a Terran his age, with fairly good looks, but an above average intelligence. His father is Elias Hathaway, one of the few deep-sea divers left on Earth. Elias had been hired by an oceanographic institute when he was a younger man, and so relocated to the San Francisco area. It was there that he met and eventually married his wife Marion. Roughly five years later Noah was born. He remains to this day an only child.
Noah had a normal childhood from a social standpoint, but academically was accelerated in school. When he was finishing his secondary education, he applied to Starfleet Academy, and was accepted for the fall semester. His above average intelligence would not affect the standard four-year officer program, but it did allow Noah to take some additional courses that would normally would have overloaded another student. He graduated the Academy at age 22, with an Engineering major, and was assigned to the [[USS Paladin]].
As an ensign he worked in Engineering under then Chief Engineer Varaan. It was during this time that he worked with Ensign J'kal and Lieutenant Greene, the CMO, to develop an artificial hearing device that would replace Varaan's natural ears, which had been destroyed due to damaging radiation. Ironically enough, the new biosynthetic apparatus was nicknamed E.A.R.S. for External Auditory Receptor System. Hathaway, along with the other two, received a commendation, and wrote up his work into an article published in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers annual journal.

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