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A [[ma:Humanoid|humanoid]] race almost indistinguishable from [[ma:Human|Terrans]], the [[ma:Iotian|Iotian]] [[ma:Homeworld|homeworld]] is [[ma:Sigma Iotia II|Sigma Iotia II]]. They are very intelligent and have a habit of imitating anything they see from outsiders. This has caused a unique Iotian society. Originally it was based on Terran 1930's Chicago after a textbook on the period ("[[ma:Chicago Mobs of the Twenties|Chicago Mobs of the Twenties]]")was left during an early [[ma:UFP|Federation]] exploration mission. A hundred years later another expedition caused a quantum leap ahead in technology and culture as the Iotian people mimicked the Federation [[ma:Starfleet|Starfleet]] circa 2268, when [[ma:Doctor|Dr.]] [[ma:Leonard McCoy|McCoy]] of the [[ma:USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)|USS Enterprise]] left his [[ma:Communicator|communicator]] behind accidentally. The Iotians have maintained this highly unique culture to this day and have become Federation members. The living museums of both time periods are leading tourist attractions.
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