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USS Eagle/A Chat with Valentino/Devar

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'''The interview segment had just began and the host and guest were seated very comfortably on the couches next to the shoreline. The cool scented ocean breeze drifted towards them and the soft tropical music soothed the senses.'''
'''Valentino:''' ''So Miss Devar, lovely to see you. That dress really brings out your eyes.''
'''The soft fabric in Arista's olive green beach dress flowed beautifully within the breeze. A few beads were strung along the bottom hem. Her hair fell in soft, damp waves past her shoulders. She chuckled.'''
'''Devar:''' ''Thank you.''
'''Valentino:''' :Smiles: ''You seem to me to be a very clean and tidy woman and you clearly take care in your appearance.''
'''Devar:''' ''Always a charmer, Valentino?''
'''She laughed a little.'''
'''Valentino:''' ''What is the longest amount of time you have gone without a shower?''
'''Her eyes widened as her lips curled into a lopsided smile.'''
'''Devar:''' ''What kind of question is that?''
'''She stared at him for a moment before breaking out in laughter. The expression on her face revealed that she found the humor in it.'''
'''Devar:''' ''Well, if you must know, there was a time where I went weeks without a shower. Back in my days in my home universe.''
Valentino: Wow, that’s a long time, glad I didn’t run into you then! ::Michael teased::
'''Michael looked around, absorbing the atmosphere and smiling. He turned to look towards the camera as Arista shook her head, laughing under her breath.'''
'''Valentino:''' ''Arista here is very competent at her job and it seems like she’s been doing it forever! ::Turns to Devar:: What was it that made you choose Starfleet?''

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