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Ruach of Kanist

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: ''Full Article: [[/Personal history| Rauch Ruach of Kanist Personal History]]''
As a child, she lived onboard several different vessels with her mother and brother, Soryn. She was sent to live with her aunt on Betazed for several years as a teenager, and from there enlisted in the StarFleet Academy. She has never taken the kolinahr, as she was never living on Vulcan. After her studies in StarFleet, she began her career as a mixed species colinizing expert, which is undoubtably still her first love. Her first doctorate was in inter-special psychology and cultural studies and it is from there that she became a colonizing expert. Ruach was bonded during her first doctoral studies program, and Leya was born soon after. After several years working as a colonizer, Ruach returned to StarFleet and took a doctorate in inter-special legal studies to aid her in her chosen career.
===StarFleet Assessments and Records===
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