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Ivan Petrov

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{{ResolutionIvannav}}[[Image:Ivan_Petrov.jpg|frame|left|Ensign Ivan Petrov]] *Age: 25*Race: Human*Gender: Male*Height : 6'8"*Eyes: Dark Blue     
*Mother: Helga Yohansen Petrov
*Siblings: Iriana Petrov
*SpouseFiance: noneHella
*Children: none
Ivan spent three years working as a labourer at a mining colony but could not find it challenging. From there Ivan set his sights on starfleet academy at age 22. He felt that the overriding mission of exploration and peace keeping would present him with enough challenges to allow him to grow.
Ivan Currently serves onboard the USS Resolution and is engaged to Hella. The couple are awaiting their wedding day which will observe viking tradition which includes one week of solid celebrations.
== Personality ==
While he is for all intents a viking he does not seek battle but more challenges to test his resolve. It is his belief that not all battles lie in swords and phasers but also in the heart and mind. He would appear outwardly fearless but still has the belief that a warrior without fear is a dead warrior. He will strive to do the best that is asked of him and will always try to exceed a personal best if he has one. When off duty he is always happy and outgoing with a gragereous nature. He is always will to toast a friend, a crewmate and just about anything in the room. It is his belief that the true warrior can find joy in every moment of life and is not timid or shy about celebrating one more day of existence.
In combat Ivan thrives in the most dire situations. He can easily be mistaken for brutal but simply fights by the most efficent means he can muster. He can always be known by the axe that has become his trademark.
==Award History==
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! style="background:#ffffff;" | Motor Skills and Perception Calculations Commendation
! style="background:#ffffff;" rowspan="2"|238607.12
! style="background:#ffffff;" rowspan="2"|Act of Mercy
== Mission History ==
'''USS Resolution Missions'''
* [[Resolution Missions Logs|"Act of Mercy"]]
* [[Resolution Missions Logs|"Broken Promises]]
'''USS Challenger Missions'''
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"When I Come Home”]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Weaths of Holly”]]
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