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USS Resolution

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==USS Resolution's Stationing==
Unlike the Runabouts, Tactical Wing or Hoppers, this small Nova Class science vessel is not based on Duronis II, but instead is on spatial assignment and rarely more than one day's travel from the [[Duronis Spatial Geography|Duronis System]]. Under Captain [[Turner, Toni|Turner]]Rocar's command, the ship is was usually on a Federation Science Council mission to extensively survey and catalog pre-warp civilizations and spatial phenomenaprior to the decommissioning of the Embassy
On 238605.26 the Resolution NCC-78145 was assigned to [[Turner, Toni|Commander Toni Turner]]. Having served at the Duronis II Embassy after graduation from Starfleet Academy, she long envisioned serving there again, and met the challenge of getting the assignment to re-establish the Embassy with great anticipation.
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