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Talk:Starfleet Academy Curriculum

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Computer Science and Mathematics
::Similarly, you have to remember that the Academy is LIKE college/university, but is not the same thing. When you graduate from college, you have, as you said, a lot of theoretical knowledge that should assist you in educating yourself about whatever specific field you end up going into. But here, you have a very specific skillset that must be learned (Engineering, Medicine, Science, Helm...) over the course of four years. --[[User:FltAdml. Wolf|Wolf]] 15:07, 29 May 2006 (CDT)
== Computer Science and Mathematics ==
I was a bit confused when I read some of the course material. A lot of it actually looks like the kind of material that would be taught in a 20th century university. Indeed, in my RL life I took several of the courses that are offered in this academy when I went to university.
In my humble opinion, object oriented programming will likely have been superseded by some other paradigm in the 24th century. But then again, maybe not.
Anyway, I just thought that a bit more creativity could be employed in drafting this calendar. For example, I shamelessly admit that I added a couple of courses to the math department. The first, topology, has been around since the 1950s. However, the second, solipsistic mathematics is a branch of knowledge I invented as a possible paradigm for understanding matter manipulation in a manner that negated the annoying effects of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. I know solipsistic mathematics doesn't exist, but the term sounded very intriguing and suggestive to me so I added it.