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Ensign Mythrix, a [[Bolian]], is currently was a science officer aboard the [[USS Constitution-B]].
* '''Race''': [[Bolian]]
* '''Date of Birth''': 236010.21
* '''Place of Birth''': Bolarus IX
* '''Age''': 26
* '''Gender''': Male
* '''Telepathic status''': N/A
* '''Height''': 6'2"
* '''Hair ColorWeight''': N/A195 lb.* '''Skin Tone''': Steel Blue
* '''Eye Color''': Light Hazel
* '''Build''': Tall, Narrow framed
* '''Face''': Long, Ridge-bisected (Bolian)
* '''Carriage''': Moves quickly, but not boldly, taking long strides
* '''Poses''': Rubs ridge bisecting his forehead while concentrating, Fiddles with objects in hand when nervous
* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': Plain, simple clothing, preferring to avoid anything with an overabundance of flair. Commonly shades of Blue and Gray.
* '''Voice''': Plain, analytical, stutters when extremely nervous.
* '''Handedness''': Ambidextrous
* '''Quarters''': Shared with another ensign as is typical of those with the rank. Pictures of his Father, Mother, Co-Mother, and Sister as well as his Academy class hung on the walls. A large map of the Alpha Quadrant hangs on his wall, an oil-based painting gifted to him by his Father on his acceptance to the academy. A scale model of the Bolarus system sits on a small table, a tribute to his home.
* '''Favorite Room''': Stellar Cartography Lab, viewing various more colorful Nebulae
* '''Mannerisms''': Prone to lengthy scientific dialogues, often times boring those around him. Affectionately referred to by others as "Techno-Rants"
* '''Physical Limitations''': None, however it should be noted that Physical Training was definitely not a highlight of Mythrix's day at the Academy
* '''Temperament''': Extremely slow to anger, Panics in Romantic situations
* '''Habits''': Uses stacks of PADD's while researching data, when often times one or two are more than enough. Categorizes them by topic, date, and relevancy
* '''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''': Highly scientific belief system, although he is prone to ponder the infinite possibilities of the Universe at times
Mythrix maintains a calm demeanor most of the time, not easily angered. His analytical personality has been developed over years of research and often comes out in his social interactions. Social interaction isn't a strength of Mythrix, something he aspires to work on. Mythrix often engages in drawn out scientific explanations that may otherwise be satisfied with a simple response. His companions affectionately call these lengthy monologues "Techno-Rants". While researching, he is in his comfort zone, however romantic situations are likely to cause fits of panic for the Bolian Science Officer.
===Hobbies and Pastimes===
* Cooking
** Bolian Cuisine (Who doesn't like good aged meat?)
* Collecting Nebulae for his mini holo-emitter
===Likes and Dislikes===
* Likes:
** Nebulae
** Burying himself in Research
** Strategema
** Bolian Theater
* Dislikes:
** Romantic Situations
** Excessive Drama
** Klingon Cuisine (dead and aged is one thing, alive and moving is another)
** Terran Opera
===Ambitions and Goals===
Mythrix desires deeply to work himself out of his social inadequacy, both romantic and otherwise, but doesn't wish to make his desire public. He actively seeks out new nebulae for his miniature holo-emitter and wishes to discover a new nebula during his starfleet career. Perhaps above all else, he wishes to eventually earn a research position at the Daystrom Institute, in his eyes the most prestigious appointment for a scientist.
* '''Children''': None
* '''Parents'''
** '''Father''': Gora (Daughter of Bani)Adinon
** '''Mother''': Nisaurma, Bani (Co-Mother)
* '''Siblings''': Gora (Daughter of Bani)
# '''238604.17''' - Graduated Starfleet Academy
# '''238604.22''' - Assigned to the USS Constitution-B
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