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Tiger Promotion Ceremony 238509.01

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'''Riley''': May I present our new Commanders.
'''Anyone''': RESPONSES
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Sidney paused for the applause and then continued.::
<nowiki>::</nowiki>She reached out to shake the woman's hand.::
'''Sharkey''': RESPONSE
'''Riley''': Congratulations to all of our newly promoted crew!
'''Anyone''': RESPONSE
'''Riley''': And welcome to all of our newly assigned crew! I am looking forward to serving with you all. Now...on with the festivities...I believe the Ensigns have planned some entertainment?
'''Anyone''': RESPONSE
'''Dickens''': Captain, if you allow me I'd like to say something?
'''Riley''': ResponseOf course Commander....
'''Dickens''': :: Stepping from his chair and getting his glass of champagne:: Tiger crew, crew mates, partners, ... :: He looked around and ended with Satscher as if going to announce something to her, but returned to the crowd :: We've been together for quite some time, some of you are new and already showed the Tiger spirit, and I'm proud to say that, despite being someone that has been mostly a lone person since he'd been in the academy, I can say that I'm alone no more. I've been in a few ships, with many people, went through dangers and threats with them, but it's at this time that I could tell that I'm beginning to feel that I'm not in this ship with just crew mates, but ... something more. We look for each other, we suffer for each other, we risk ourselves for each other, we feel sorrow for each other and we care for each other :: returning his gaze to the table, and Vojana:: and we could even love each other :: directing his look now to where [[Somers, Alexandria|Alex ]] and [[Sharpe, Paul |Paul]] where and smiling a bit devilish. :: despite our different ways to think and our emotions. I'd like to say thank you all for being like you are and for becoming my friends, ... and my family. For you all.
<nowiki>::</nowiki>He raised his glass to toast for them. ::
'''Riley''': Here, here I'll second that!
'''Satscher''': I second that.

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