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Ventu/Early Career

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* 238208.15 - Aresee completes her final cadet cruise at Starbase 118.
===As an Ensign===
* 238208.27 - Aresee is promoted to Ensign and assigned to ''[[Victory|U.S.S. Victory]]'' as counselor.
* 238209 - 238212 - Assisted with [[Government (Victory)|the mission to Tanuga IV]]. Aresee worked with a triage unit on the surface before being captured and held hostage. She was subsequently rescued by the [[Victory_Crew_History|''Victory'' crew]]. She has no memory of what happened to her while she was a hostage.
* 238212 - 238301 - Following the Tanugan mission, Aresee spends a long period in technologically-induced resting periods, regaining her health.
===As a Junior Lieutenant===
* 238301.17 - Aresee is promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
* 238301 - 238304 - Took part in [[Clandestine (Victory)|the Celipenthia Station mission]]. Aresee is assigned to Alpha Team, along with Lt. Commander [[Harden, Julia|Julia Harden]] and Lt. JG [[Hunnicutt, Benjamin|Ben Hunnicutt]]. Alpha Team infiltrates the station, allowing their crewmembers aboard. During this mission, Aresee's mother, [[Tayler-Ventu, Matilda|Matilda]], interferes, jeopardizing the lives of the crew.
* 238304.27 - Following increased bouts of depression, Aresee relieves herself of duty.
* 238305.03 - Aresee receives a message from her mother, relaying that Matilda is safe and is living approximately two hundred years in the future. Aresee returns to active duty.
===As a Lieutenant===
* 238305.16 - Aresee is promoted to Lieutenant.
* 238306.06 - During a shipwide systems malfunction, Aresee remains on the bridge. There is an energy overload, during which [[Phoenix, Robin|Captain Robin Phoenix]] disappears. Aresee is temporarily placed in command.

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