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Ventu/Early Career

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=Aboard Climbing the Ranks on ''[[Victory]]''=
* 238208.15 - Aresee completes her final cadet cruise at Starbase 118.
* 238402.19 - Aresee is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
=Aboard Command Positions on the ''[[Constitution]]''=
* 238403.29 - The ''Victory'' is decommissioned. Aresee is posted to the ''[[USS Constitution-B|U.S.S. Constitution-B]]'' as second officer.
* 238404 (first third) - Aresee and her sister [[Ventu, Alexa|Alexa]] arrive on the ''Constitution,'' where Aresee formally receives her promotion to second officer. Lt. Commander [[Yladro, Victoria|Victoria Yladro]], newly promoted to first officer, offers Aresee her old quarters.

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