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USS Bluebird

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<sub>''StarFleet Corps of Engineers - Advanced Starship Design Bureau - StarFleet Research and Development''</sub>
===New Starship Trials Underway - 07/23/08===
A new prototype vessel with an experimental Transwarp Drive (the first since the Excelsior Project in the late 23rd century) will undergo it's first trial runs with the new propulsion system.
Dubbed the "Bluebird" project, the combined efforts of Starfleet R&D, Starfleet's Advanced Starship Design Bureau, and The Daystrom Institute have worked tirelessly to give the Federation its first glimpse of Transwarp in over 100 years.
The '''USS Bluebird''' NX-20000, and her new Proteus Transwarp Coils are touted to be the next evolution in Federation FTL propulsion technology.
Final base calibrations, simulations, and diagnostics are in progress. A date for trial runs will be scheduled in the upcoming days.
We hope you can attend for what should be a remarkable and historic moment.
Dr. Xavier Killmer
Project Lead - "Project Bluebird"
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