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==Current character==
* [[Loxley]] [[Image:Loxley.jpg|171px]]
==Previous characters==
* Commander [[Jhen Thelev]] [[Image:Andorian-soldier.jpg|171px]]
* Lt Cmdr [[Sinda Essen]] [[Image:SindaEssenUniform.png|171px]]
{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=off
|Voyager Medallion|1
|Pilot's Sextant|1
|Neelix Award|1
|Hobus Heroism Ribbon|1
|Ithassa Region Campaign Medal|1
|Prometheus Ribbon|1
|Explorer's Ribbon|2
|Department Chief Ribbon|1
|Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon|1
|Lifesaving Ribbon|1
|Silver Lifesaving Ribbon|1
|Medical Science Ribbon|1
|Purple Heart|2
|Good Conduct Ribbon|1
|Silver Star|1
|Orion Syndicate Service Medal|1
|War of Shadows Ribbon|1
|3-year Member|1
|5-year Member|1
|10-year Member|1
{{Badge Rack
|Writing Challenge Winner|7
|Writing Challenge Runner Up|3
|Writing Challenge Judge|8
|Top Sim Judge|1
|Excellence in Training|1
|Featured Bio Nominee|1
|Awards Committee|3
|FWPA Plotmaster|1
|FWPA Facilitator|1
|Top Sim Round Winner|1
|Chat Trivia Participant|1
|20th Annual Awards Attendee|1}}
"Hutch is the coolest guy ever and writer for [[Thelev, Jhan|Jhen Thelev]]." -[[User:Jackford B. Kolk|Jackford B. Kolk]]
"[[User:Danny Wilde|Danny Wilde]] | [[User talk:Danny Wilde|Talk]]"
==Mock Cadet==

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