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Shade, Alexander

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Introductory text goes here[[Image:alexandershade. For example: Ensign jpg|right|200px]]Lieutenant Commander '''Joe BloggsAlexander Shade''', a Terran, is currently the chief science officer Chief Science Officer aboard the [[USS IndependenceEagle]].
* '''Full Name''': Alexander Shade* '''Current Rank''': Lieutenant Commander* '''Race''': Create a link to a species from the [[ILI]], i.e.- [[Terran]]* '''Date of Birth''': June 9, 2361 * '''Place of Birth''': Miami, Florida* '''Gender''': Male* '''Telepathic status''': See [ Telepathic/Empathic Scale]None
* '''Height''': In feet or meters.5'9"* '''Weight''': In pounds or kilos.Undisclosed* '''Hair Color''': Brown* '''Eye Color''': Blue
* '''Spouse''':None* '''Children''': None
* '''Parents'''
** '''Father''': Jackson Shade** '''Mother''': Elisabeth Shade* '''Siblings''': Matthew Shade (Younger Brother)
==Backstory/Timeline==# '''232001Alexander was born and raised in Miami, Florida.01''': EventHis father was an engineer and fisherman and his mother was a nurse.# '''232001He and his younger brother, Matthew, did not do without as children but their household was humble, having been born into a middle-class home.02''': Event, etcThe proud parents always put their sons first and encouraged them in whatever they did.
Alexander was always interested and fascinated by Starfleet even at a young age and he always wanted to be a pilot. The move into the Academy with an interest in Helm (and science) was only natural when he turned 18. His first application was rejected but, after a year, his second was accepted.  He is a down to earth southern boy with average intelligence. [[Category:Characters| S]][[Category:Eagle Alumni]][[Category:Constitution-B Alumni]][[Category:Starfleet personnel]][[Category:Science Officers]][[Category:Humans]]

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