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Sameth Koveski

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*'''Current Rank:''' Lieutenant
*'''Duty Post:''' Counselor
*'''Current Vessel:''' None (Starfleet Command) ''USS Merrimac''
*'''Date Assigned:''' 238404
*'''Species:''' Trill (Unjoined)
==Family History==
*'''Mother:''' Gail Gial - AAF (Alien Action First) coordinator; humanitarian
*'''Father:''' Edward - Business owner
*'''Siblings:''' none
==Personal History==
*Sam lived was raised on Earth, after his full-Trill mother, Gial, moved there with his father, Edward, shortly after he was born. He grew up in Melbourne all his life, at least until he went off to Starfleet Academy in 2375. His reason for deciding to go was never fully explained; he had been active in many activities during school, it was true, and had fairly good grades, but no one, not even Sam Sameth himself, really knew what he wanted to do. That's how he'd been all through school, anyway, and it held true at the Academy, as well. He eventually graduated after six years with a major in Operations and a Services minor, clearing him to switch to any post with minimal training, thanks to all his classes. *He would like to be joined some day, but as of yet the Trill commission hasn't reported whether or not his half-blood status is even enough to rate consideration.
*In 238403, following his actions to contain the time-travelling Aurelie Trenet, he receives a promotion to full lieutenant.
*When the ''Victory'' is decommissioned soon after, Sam requests a transfer back to Earth, which he receieves. There, he undergoes training to become a counseling officer, following the advice of the ''Victory's'' counselor. He completes his training in May 2384 and stays on at Starfleet Command as a junior counseling officer.
*That stint didn't last very long, and he now serves as chief operations officer aboard the ''USS Merrimac''.
==Previous Assignments==

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