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Galvin Prox

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'''Lieutenant Junior Grade Galvin Prox''' is a the Chief Medical Officer aboard the [[USS Ursa MajorTiger]] under the Command of [[Hollis CalleyRiley, Sidney|Sidney Riley]].{{Ursa Major}}<table align="center"><tr><td border width="650px">
 [[image:Galvin_Lt_Jg.jpg|right|frame|Dr. Galvin Prox, Chief Medical Officer U.S.S. Ursa MajorTiger]]
*'''Full Name:''' Galvin Prox
*'''Father: [[Prox, Sabin|Sabin Prox]]''' - Sabin Prox is a musician and Professor of exomusicology at the University of Betazed. He is particularly accomplished at playing the Trill piano as well as a well known composer.
*'''Siblings:''' Brother, '''[[Prox, Stadi|Stadi Prox]]'''. Stadi was presumed killed during the Dominion occupation of Betazed, resisting a fleet of Jem'Hadar footmen. However on stardate 238406.17 Prox discovered that Stadi was infact still alive when his presumed dead brother was involved in a brawl with a Cardassian on Deep Space 17. During an argument Stadi attempted to attack the Cardassian with a knife, but he had gotten shot with a phaser before he could inflict any wounds. Galvin was on the promenade during the incident, and beamed his brother to the Triumphant's sickbay. After several days of intensive care, Galvin made the order to revive Stadi. However, Stadi then became worse and Galvin realized that he did not have the facilities to take care of his brother. Galvin, to his reluctance, arranged for the Gibraltar to take Stadi back to Deep Space 17.
Stadi is now a science officer on board the [[Ronin]].
*'''Children: [[Harbour, Tabitha|Tabitha]]''', adopted daughter. Galvin found Tabitha aboard the USS Yellowknife during an away mission to repair the ship. Her father, Paul Harbour, was in league with a group of vigilantes. He had planted an explosive device in her body, and attempted to detonate the device near the warp core. After the Yellowknife, Galvin brought Tabitha back, and eventually Galvin formally adopted her as his own daughter.
! style="background:#addeff; width:250px;" |'''Post Held'''
| [[Image:CadetRank-cad2.jpg]] Cadet
| align="center" |Starfleet Academy
! style="background:#BBBBBB;" |<font color="black">'''Cadet - 237803.04 to 238203.14'''</font>
|[[Image:02-LtJG-Teal.png]] Lieutenant JG
| align="center" |USS [[Triumphant]]
! style="background:#BBBBBB;" |<font color="teal">'''Cheif Chief Medical Officer - 238406.15 to 238409.02'''</font>
|[[Image:02-LtJG-Teal.png]] Lieutenant JG
|[[Image:02-LtJG-Teal.png]] Lieutenant JG
| align="center" |USS [[Tiger]]
! style="background:#BBBBBB;" |<font color="teal">'''Chief Medical Officer''' 238505.05 to present'''</font>
**"For those SIMmers who manage to show a good portion of the character's life despite the demands of the main plot"
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