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Kaen'anti Bypass

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The route originated at [[Lorunda]] before splitting with the K'tem, and crossed through the [[Par'tha Expanse]], on the way passing worlds such as [[Zalenaedere]], [[Nanaria]], [[Aelann]], (where it intersected the [[Siiden Passage]] and the [[Oscion Shipping Lane]]), [[Miralon III|Miralon]], [[Calavar]], [[Kala'din IV]] and [[Tinall]] before rejoining the route. The trade through this part of the Expanse poured credits and influence into the coffers of the periphery worlds, and eventually led to their independence. The periphery became known as the [[Freeworlds Region]]. The retreat of the Romulans decades ago also hit the Freeworlds Region hard. The Kaen'anti Bypass was no longer being used, and trade and the economy took a huge dive.
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