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<nowiki>::</nowiki>Ethan hopped back into the turbolift and up two decks to his own quarters. They were welcome, peaceful and calm, just what he needed. His shirt was wet, his hair was drying out and all he wanted to do was sit down on the sofa and recall exactly what he'd done to that program over the last couple of weeks. He flung the jacket over the back of the sofa. He had other projects to be working on anyway. A smile on his face, he unbuttoned his shirt and moved himself into the bathroom. Three times and he still couldn't wait to see her again.::
{| class="wikitable" id="toc" style="margin: 0.5em auto; clear: both; text-align: center; background:steelblue"|-| width="30%"| <font color=#ffcc99>Previous sim<br>[[SIM: JP By- Ensign Karynn Ehlanii and Lieutenant Ethan Brice - Something Simple|<font color="gold">Something Simple</font>]] Ens. | width="40%"| <font color=#ffcc99>'''Ensign [[Ehlanii, Karynn|<font color="gold">Karynn Ehlanii </font>]]'''<br>Ship's ''Counselor '''<br>'''''[[USS Ronin|<font color="gold">USS Ronin </font>]]'' NCC-34523'''</font>| width="30%"| <font color=#ffcc99>Next sim<br>[[SIM: JP - LtCmd Amber Wilde & Ensign Karynn Ehlanii - Confessions of a Tormented Soul|<font color="gold">Confessions of a Tormented Soul</font>]]|}
{| class="wikitable" id="toc" style="margin:0.5em auto; clear: both; text-align: center; background:& #cc9900"|-| width="30%"| Previous sim<br/>[[SIM: JP - Ensign Karynn Ehlanii and Lieutenant Ethan Brice - Something Simple|Something Simple]] Lt. | width="40%"| '''Lieutenant [[Brice, Ethan|Ethan Brice ]]'''<br/>Engineering '''Chief Engineer'''<br/>'''''[[USS Ronin ]]'' NCC-34523'''| width="30%"| Next sim<br/>N/A|}

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