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SIM:Lt.JG Salak: Surveying the Damage...

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<nowiki>::</nowiki>Instead of venting his emotions, Salak instead instructed the computer to play some music to help focus and soothe his feelings. He did not want to confide with [[Tavex, Joran|Joran]], not yet anyway... so instead Salak did as he usually did. With a cup of Spice Tea by his side, the Chief Engineer sat down at his desk with a PADD and started to review Warp Core schematics. ::
{| class="wikitable" id="toc" style="margin: 0.5em auto; clear: both; text-align: center;background:#ffbb44"
| width="30%"| Previous archived sim<br />[[SIM:JP:Lt.JG Salak, Jankev Kolari (NPC) and Ensign Jackson (NPC): Gen-lis Avaru (Language Trouble)|Gen-lis Avaru]]

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