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Doubleaux, Marcel

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{{Ehlanii}}NCO Marcel Doubleaux is a "talented and handsome" yet arrogant and egotistical engineer aboard the [[USS RoninIndependence-A]]. He fancies himself a ladies' man and hits on just about anything female that moves. His attempts are often rebuffed, although he generally rationalizes these rejections away, attributing them to character flaws in his targets. He sees himself as charming, well loved, and respected, but is overall one of the least liked members of the department. Many avoid associating with him and dread being on his team.
Recently Marcel has been down about the "grunt work" he feels like he's been getting. Hints of others feelings about him may also be getting through his rationalization defenses, although he has yet to admit to himself that he may have a character flaw.
He was formerly an engineer aboard the [[USS Ronin]] prior to his transfer to the Independence.
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