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'''Kolari''': I'm sorry...I'm lost again.
'''Salak''': ::Recalling their first meeting on the [[USS Wallace |Wallace]] Bridge:: You seem good at that...
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Kolari had a sudden rush of embarrassment. Everyone at home knew of his tendency to get lost, now it appeared everyone here did as well. He nervously played with his hands.::
'''Kolari''': I think I will stick to the language I know
'''Salak''': As I will to [[ma:Vulcan language|Vuhlkansu]]...
'''Kolari''': ::In Trill language:: What?
'''Salak''': That would be correct...
'''Jackson''': I'm sorry, I did not recognise you in civilian dress. The [[Kare'en m'Hapron m'Adrina|Commander ]] has called a general briefing in the Ops Conference Lounge, he'd probably wish you to attend.
'''Salak''': Thank you, Can you help Jankev here find his quarters, he's staying with Lieutenant Tavex.

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