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{{Resolution}}Currently Assigned to the [[Image:ChallengerQalshara.jpgUSS Resolution]]
More to come[[Image:ChallengerQalshara.jpg|left]]
Qalshara is the last of the Tsaebs, but has taken human form, and will live a normal human life span. In her human form she is now only about to change time by 15 minute both ways from the present.
*Telepathic/Empathic rating: T6/E6
*Tsaeb Age: Unknown
*Human Age: 22 years
Tsaebs revered children as their offspring gave them strength and the power to move from one time line to another.
== Missions ==
== '''Participant in U.S.S. Challenger Missions''' ==
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Department NCC-12886"]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Cowboy Diplomacy"]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Hellraisers Desert"]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"A Cadet's Vengeance"]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Fighting Stones"]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"The Woods Tell No Lies"]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Shore Leave with the Borg"]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Into the Inferno”]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Deep Six”]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"By Other Means”]]
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