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Vee Turner-West

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[[Image:ChallengerVee.jpg|frame|left|Vee]]*Age: 5 *Hair: Dark Brown*Eyes: Blue*Species: [[Humans|Human]]    === Family === *Biological Mother: Maria Cruz (whereabouts unknown)*Biological Father: Voltar Cruz (deceased)*Brother: Terrence (deceased)*Prospective Adoptive Mother: [[Turner, Toni|Toni Turner]]*Prospective Adoptive Father: [[West, Heath|Heath West]]  === History ===When Vee was age 3, her father, Voltar Cruz, a diplomate, and her older brother, Terrence, were assinated, and her mother, Maria, was taken by Tal Shiar operatives. Vee was placed on the Challenger for protection while Starfleet Intelligence tried to find her mother. During the following two years, LtCmdr Toni Turner took an interest in the child, and found her so engaging that she decided to try and adopt her. Just when it looked as if the adoption would go through, her biological mother, Maria, was found in a Tal Shiar prison camp. After being rescued, she made herself know to Toni and Heath West, who were engaged to be married and prepared to give Vee a home as well as their love. Because the Tal Shiar made threats on Maria's life, she was put under the protection of SFI, and she signed her parental rights over to Admiral Henry Anderson, SFI on DS24 with the proviso that he would investigate West and Turner.  At present, Admiral Anderson, is traveling with the Challenger and observing the interaction they have with Vee, pending interviews and an indepth investigation into their pasts.

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