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Chin'toka Deck-by-Deck Layout

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* '''Catamaran'''
** 12x Officer's Quarters ** 4x Junior Officer's Quarters** Deuterium Tankage Compartment Main Level** Battery Compartment ** Regenerative Deflector Screen / Force Field Generator Compartment
* '''Primary Hull'''
** 61x Enlisted Quarters ** Port Evacuation Transporter Room (22 Person Capacity)** Starboard Evacuation Transporter Room (22 Person Capacity)** Battery Compartment ** Port Observation Lounge / Mess** Starboard Observation Lounge / Mess** 2x Internal Airlock
** Shuttlebay 2 Upper Level (No External Access)
** Holodeck Upper Level ** Main Engineering: Warp Core Upper Level** Damage Control / Emergency Supply Locker
|'''Deck 7'''

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