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Simon Vomek

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Simon Vomek was born on the Romulan colony of Tranome Sar just 4 years prior to the Hobus star disaster. When the disaster occurred his father Vomek, who was a machinist by trade, joined one of the many expeditions to save members of other Romulan colonies. The ship Vomek was on encountered an unknown type of gravimetric rift and was lost. In the meantime the disaster continued to wreak havoc on the star systems at the core of the Romulan Empire. Simon's mother, Sutika, and uncle Vomok, along with Simon boarded one of the rescue crafts provided by the Federation Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. Eventually, the family was settled with other Romulan Refugees on the Orkney Island north of Scotland. Simon was originally called Vomek after his father, but in order to fit in better with the Terran children of Stromness, Sutika suggested he take on a first name and use Vomek as his family name. Simon was chosen as the boy had always had a propensity for listening.
Growing up on Orkney, Simon was amazed by the islands' rich history as a crossroads of Pictish, Scottish, Viking, Norwegian and British history. He took an early liking to languages and after doing biographical research on Hoshi Sato, became determined to join the Federations' Starfleet and put his linguistic skills to use.
After graduating starfleet academy Simon's first posting was to the USS USS Oumuamua NCC-81226.
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