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Bryce Tagren-Quinn

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====Medical Notes====
* '''Depression & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD:''' After the events of the lunar colony, Bryce suffered from an inordinate amount of guilt, pain and trauma. When he returned home, the invisible wounds were apparent and while he sought medical attention, his relationships suffered. For a time, he fell into a black void that consisted of reckless behavior and a string of one-night stands. While still finding himself after those events, he is actively seeking purpose in his work and finding ways to build healthy, strong friendships and relationships.
* '''Scars:''' Not visible typically while in uniform. Has a gunshot scar on his right shoulder and a knife scar along the left side of his torso. There's also a large scar along around his left knee and leg from a rock-climbing injury.
* '''Former Partner and Fiancé:''' Cer Voya, an unjoined Trill, with black hair and cerulean-colored eyes. He is a well-respected cardiologist. The pair's relationship was very tender and loving, but dissolved after the Calesian Lunar Colony disaster. Bryce froze Cer out and, while his partner fiancé tried adamantly to get him help, he just wasn't in a good place for it yet. * '''Former Fling:''' Gexena, a female Betazoid nurse. The relationship between doctor and his nurse was a secret for some time but, after it was discovered, he broke it off. It was more of a physical thing than one that manifested out of any real feelings. In fact, she was a part of his downward spiral after the Calesian Lunar Colony disaster. She was more in love with him than he was with her.

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