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|'''Zuka, Historian and Philosopher'''<br><hr>Dekas' Mother. As can be expected of Aurelians in general, he has an excellent relationship with his mother. She is someone he trusts deeply and wholeheartedly. She is one of his biggest supporters and one of the people who helped him the most during the few months he had to take a Leave of Absence, and during the height of his medical diagnosis around that time. She is supremely loving and forgiving, and an example to many. She's a well-known historian and philosopher in their flock and has many a time left Dekas awake just thinking. She is the more extroverted of his parents, and because of it, she is the leader of their family. She is laid back and sweet, but she does not take people's crap, and she will call someone out if they're making excuses. Politely, but firmly. She will also offer gentle guidance if someone needs help with a decision or a problem. As well as being very comforting when someone is struggling.
|'''Daf, Teacher'''<br><hr>Dekas' Father. An equally excellent relationship with his father. Daf is a very shy, introverted man in comparison to his mother. But once you get to know him, or if you see him around his family or students, he's an extremely kind, laid-back person. He was the parent who was more likely to let little things slip under the radar. Always affectionate when someone needed comfort. Dekas did a certain amount of emulating his father growing up until Dekas grew a little more into himself and ended up more extroverted than Daf, though he still emulates the patient compassion with new people. (Note: You wouldn't necessarily think that Daf would be a perfect match for someone as sharp strong-willed as Zuka, but his parents are deeply in love with one another and constantly showing show it if they are in a room together.Besides... she pursued him first and thought the shy return of the feelings was extremely cute and still does. It works very well for them.)
|'''Rha, Physicist'''<br><hr>Dekas' Eldest sister. She was already an adult by the time Dekas was hatched, so while they do know each other well, and get along just fine, they aren't as close as they could be due to the 20 year age difference. But he does look up to her. Has two bondmates and three children, all of which are only 4 years younger than Dekas is.

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