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V'Len Kel

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|BIRTHYEAR = 23952394
|BIRTHPLACE = Cold Station 13
|IMAGE = V'len Kel.jpg
After completing his final training simulation under Major Wes Greaves of the USS Thor, the Marjor request Kel be posted to the Thor for its mission to the Delta Quadrant. During exploration of the "Starship Graveyard" near Amity sation, Kel was able to establish contact with a cosmozoan entity using the Thor's holodeck interface. The entity briefly swallowed the the USS Thor but regurgitated it later in the hopes of gaining freedom from the cage is was locked in. The entity was freed and headed for parts unknown.
While on shore leave at Deep Space 9, V'Len was promoted to Lieutenant JG on stardate 239902.09. He was also made acting Chief Medical Officerof the USS Thor.
{{SR Insignia|Ensign|Blue}}
{{SR Rank|Ensign}}
{{SR Dates|239809 - Present239902}}
{{SR Posting|{{USS|Thor}}|Vesta-icon1.gif}}
{{SR Assignment|Medical Officer|Blue}}
{{SR Insignia|Lieutenant Junior Grade|Blue}}
{{SR Rank|Lieutenant Junior Grade}}
{{SR Dates|239902 - Present}}
{{SR Posting|{{USS|Thor}}|Vesta-icon1.gif}}
{{SR Assignment|Acting Chief Medical Officer|Blue}}
{{Service Record End}}
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{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|Year or Stardate|Starfleet Academy239809|Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.}}{{Citation|Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon|239902|Awarded to a person who has defended the temporal timeline against incursion and disruption.}}
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