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V'Len Kel

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|NAME = V’Len Kel
|SHIP = USS Thor
|RANK = EnsignLieutenant JG
|PIPSTYLE = Default
|POST = Medical Officer
|BIRTHYEAR = 23712395|BIRTHPLACE = Cold Station 13
|IMAGE = V'len Kel.jpg
|AUTHOR = T239811VK2
<br>Parents: Rathor and Sallia Thule (Andorian); Iren and Kessall Nirs (Trill)
<br>Siblings: Kos Thule (m, Andorian);Gazan (f), Rosro (f), Kumel (m) (Trill)
<br>Prior Hosts: Xam Kel (helmsman/navigator USS Exter 2265); Shajou Kel (Musician/Entertainer); Lymoll Kel (Anthropologist)
<br>Spouse: None
<br>Children: None
{{Heading|Personal History|Blue}}
V’Len Kel was created on stardate 239412239410.12 26 when a transporter mishap at an aging Starfleet station resulted in the merging of Vazlo Kel a joined Trill and Lenshran Thule an Andorian.
Immediately after his creation V’Len Kel met James Conner, a human cadet in his cadre. Jim and Kel became close friends and Kel rescued Jim on several away missions.
After completing his final training simulation under Major Wes Greaves of the USS Thor, the Marjor request Kel be posted to the Thor for its mission to the Delta Quadrant. During exploration of the "Starship Graveyard" near Amity sation, Kel was able to establish contact with a cosmozoan entity using the Thor's holodeck interface. The entity briefly swallowed the the USS Thor but regurgitated it later in the hopes of gaining freedom from the cage is was locked in. The entity was freed and headed for parts unknown.
While on shore leave at Deep Space 9, V'Len was promoted to Lieutenant JG on stardate 239902.09. He was also made acting Chief Medical Officer

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