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Lukin Zorkal

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|[[image:Arysroster.png|left]] [[Trovek Arys|<span style="color:#794d00;">'''Trovek Arys'''</span>]], '''Medical Officer'''<br><hr>Arys and Lukin met while Arys was at Starbase 118 Ops in transition between her graduation and waiting for her official assignment. He overheard an argument between two Bajorans and the newly minted Starfleet Officer, and the two launched into a philosophical discussion. She impressed him. He kept tabs on her, and they began to write back and forth. After Arys was transferred to Ops, they began to spend time together, and the friendship had taken an interesting turn.
|[[image:Roster-ivanova.jpg|left]] [[Lydia Ivanova|<span style="color:#794d00;">'''Lidia Ivanova'''</span>]], '''Security Officer'''<br><hr>Lukin met Lidia after he was posted to Deep Space Ten. He quickly grew to respect - and yes, even like - the woman. He contemplated pursuing a romantic relationship with her, but before he could, he was called back to Cardassia Prime. He still thinks of her fondly.

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