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Scotty Reade

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{{Ribbons Rack
|Innovation Ribbon|12
|Good Conduct Ribbon|1
|Scientific Discovery Ribbon|1
{{Citation|Captain's Commendation|239809.20|[[USS Veritas]]| "And finally for our most recent mission, I'd like to recognize several parties. First, for helping keep alive the miners who were trapped deep within the Russell River Dilithium Mine." - Captain Roshanara Rahman}}
{{Citation|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|239809.20|[[USS Veritas]]| "And finally, for the entire crew who worked together with the Antor II government and first responders, you all are hereby recognized with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award." - Captain Roshanara Rahman}}
{{Citation|Innovation Ribbon|239901.19|[[Amity Outpost]]| "For your work in creating a drone that could attract the Hawlat angels and safely guide them." - Ambassador Rivi Vataix }}
{{Ribbons Display End}}

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