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Kyo Seung-gi

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While piloting the {{USS|Independence|B}}, Seungi becomes distracted and accidentally pilots the ship into an entirely avoidable object, damaging the ''Independence'''s deflector array. He fails to arrive in time to fix and re-align the relay, and is caught by [[Tristam Core]] participating in a race against [[Amity Outpost]]'s [[Terrellian]] representative, Cassa.
===2399===On stardate 239811.09, Seungi is transferred to the {{USS|Constitution|B}}. His arrival at [[Starbase 104]] occurs in a difficult time for the ''Constitution'' crew — the ship is being repaired due to damage from their previous missing, and their commanding officer Commodore [[Jalana Rajel]] has been kidnapped. Now a member of a ship's senior staff, Seungi is provided briefing materials on his journey and feels conspicuous from the fact he knows information most other Starfleet officers are currently unaware of. He is unable to locate the Chief of Security but is frequently informed they're busy. Instead, Seungi decides to go on a small tour. He overhears [[Lazarus Davis]], [[Jacob Horne]] and Lystra discuss concealing a visual scanner and inadvertently interrupts them with an idea. The group introduce themselves, and direct him to speak with the First Officer, Commander [[Saveron]]. Saveron has undergone a cosmetic procedure to look Romulan, and his appearance shocks Seungi (expecting a very Vulcan XO). Saveron explains Commodore Rajel's abduction by the [[Orion Syndicate]] and their intention to go undercover to rescue her. They briefly discuss Seungi's options regarding his appearance, but Seungi states there's little time to change much and uses his inexperience in the area to his advantage, intending to remain [[Human]]. Before he leaves, Seungi gives Saveron his sympathies regarding Rajel's kidnapping, informing the Vulcan what happened was not his fault. Seungi uses the name "Kim Yeong-Ae" as his undercover persona. Unfamiliar with Romulan text, he spends a significant amount of time attempting to decipher and learn the controls of their Romulan vessel, the ''Ra'khoi'', but falls asleep at the helm.

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