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Talia Ohnari

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|NAME = Talia Kecia Ohnari
|SHIP = USS Constitution-B
|RANK = Ensign
'''Ensign Talia Kecia Ohnari''' is currently serving as a '''Medical Officer''' aboard the {{USS|Constitution}}.
Talia Kecia Ohnari, Born towards the end of the dominion war, Talia's to Haliian parents that had gotten the reputation of "rescuing strays" whether . Whether orphaned children or similarly displaced people. What started as Kavui being labeled "Mom" of the regiment, became more true to life as the war left more and more people displaced, and devastated by loss. Thus, she grew up around a variety of cultures and other races in a very loose definition of her family home on Halii. With that chaotic melting pot, Talia learned to treat phaser burns from careless siblings before her permanent teeth came in. Her path to medicine came about as naturally as arguing over the last cup of Muskan seed punch.
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