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Kyo Seung-gi

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Lieutenant '''Kyo Seung-gi''' is a [[Human]] Starfleet flight operations security tactical officer assigned to [[Amity Outpost]]{{USS|Constitution|B}}. He accepts "Seungi" for short.
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* '''Gender:''' Male
* '''Race:''' [[Human]]
* '''Affiliation:'''
** [[Starfleet]]
*** {{USS|Constitution|B}}
*** [[Amity Outpost]]
*** {{USS|Veritas}} <small>(briefly)</small>
* '''Rank:''' Lieutenant
* '''Occupation:''' Flight Ops OfficerSecurity/Tactical officer.* '''Born:''' 236801.30 ({{age|23682370|01|30}} years old)
* '''Mother:''' Kyo Ae
* '''Father:''' Kim Yeong-ho
While piloting the {{USS|Independence|B}}, Seungi becomes distracted and accidentally pilots the ship into an entirely avoidable object, damaging the ''Independence'''s deflector array. He fails to arrive in time to fix and re-align the relay, and is caught by [[Tristam Core]] participating in a race against [[Amity Outpost]]'s [[Terrellian]] representative, Cassa.
On stardate 239811.09, Seungi is transferred to the {{USS|Constitution|B}}.
His father, Kim Yeong-ho, and mother, Kyo Ae, separated when Seungi was sixteen years old. Seungi recalls bouncing between his mother and father's quarters every fortnight. His parents, while amicable between themselves, often disagree and bicker about what they considered 'best' for him. For many years, this powered an indecisive quality in Seungi.
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