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Jacin Ayemet

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* '''Quarters: U.S.S ARROW. Deck 3, Room 5.
Whom does your character get on with Ayemet has difficulty making meaningful relationships. As a child she was either studying or working in her Mother's store. Indeed she left Bajor for Starfleet because she wanted something more, hoping that she would not get on with? For nowonly experience life but make some connections, pick one member of your current crew although it is something she finds alien and enter their name below, then describe the nature is a little sacred of your character's relationship with them.
* [[(Name of character)]]
This helped exacerbate Ayemet's loneliness as most of her time was spent either studying hard at school or helping her Mother at the store, leaving little time to socialise. She didn't choose to be a loner but as the years went by it became easier for her to be so. However she knew that this was not the life she wanted, and in an effort to find something 'more', and without her Mother's knowledge, applied to Starfleet Academy with the help of her best friend Nisha and their teacher. Her Mother saw this as Ayemet running away, and her relationship with her has been terse ever since.
Whilst at the Academy Ayemet again made few friends, concentrating at doing well in her classes, as she was determined not to have to return to Bajor in shame. She did though find that when spending time with others she was a good listener and found solace and genuine comfort in helping them with their issues. At During her time at the Academy her EL-Arian heritage began to come to the fore and her empathic abilities grew. Medical staff could find no explanation for this late blossoming but it caused no serious effects and was not deemed a risk. Indeed She is unsure whether they will continue to grower if they have reached some kind of plateau. Any fear or worry about what may happen she has put to the back of her mind, determined to not let it stop her. Ayemet has in fact found it her empathic abilities a boon to her chosen field of counsellor, and although other tried to encourage her to move over to the science division this felt like a natural fit to her.
Ayemet got her first posting to the USS Arrow, a Saber class starship, but in the position as a science officer. Although full of nervous excitement at her posting to a starship and the opportunities that brings, Ayemet can't helped but wonder if she is up to the task given to her.

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