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===Basic Stats===
*'''Name:''' H, or Ace. Either works. (they/them)*'''Location:''' UtahAmerica
*'''Joined Starbase 118:''' February 2021
*'''[[Writer ID]]:''' J239802D12
*'''Favorite Trek series/movie:''' Currently I have three answers, each is my fave is DS9, favorite for different reasons. Overall it's objectively one DS9. All of the best characters have such fantastic chemistry, and I really love what it added to the Trek's out there. Captain Sisko is a kingverse. But I find that all Treks have something special about themjust love it. And IFor the sake of general fondness, it've seen all Treks s Enterprise because it connects me more to my dad, who loved Enterprise a lot and movies from TOS through DS9had so many good things to say about it, including who passed at the Kelvin universe moviesend of 2020. Working on VoyagerPlus it's just a really entertaining series to watch. And then Ican'll move onto t say I disagree with his praises despite the newer Treks like Discoveryflaws it had at times. But recently I started Lower Decks and it slaps a lot harder than I expected it to, Picardits animation style is pleasant to look at, the character dynamics are hysterical and Lower Decks. Excited to sweet, it allows for a lot more visual creativity than you can get therefrom a live-action series, eventually!and it's always good to playfully rib your faves now and then. Keeps the flaws in perspective and does well in highlighting the good things. It made itself one of my favorites very quickly.
===Player Characters===
* N/A as of current, but eventually might change.
===OOC activites===
* N/A as of current, but eventually might change.
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